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Genuine hp Brand TV and FM/AM TunerCombination device that's compatible with just about every computer made in the last 2 years by just about any manufacturer. This GENUINE hp DUAL Tuner/Personal Video Recorder (PVR) comes with a Remote Control, Power Supply, RCA Cables, an FM antenna, Two Modem Blaster Cables, and a USB cord. This tuner attaches to one of your computers USB Ports. New hp Earbuds are also included, so you can watch TV or listen to the radio late at night without disturbing others.Tuner accessories here


Here's What You Can do with This TV Tuner Kit:

    1. Watch TV on your Laptop/Notebook or on your Home Computer.
    2. Listen to FM Radio thru Your PC or Laptop and record whatever sounds good straight to your hard drive!
    3. Pause, and Rewind and Record live TV (to your laptop's hard drive) from any standard video souce (such as an antenna or cable connection) as you watch TV.
    4. Easily Transfer Your home Videos from your VHS, HI-8, Video-Cam, Betamax, or similar device directly to your Computer Hard Drive. Note: A cord that probably was included with you video cam or similar device may be required to connect the camera to the s-video or RCA composite adapters that come from the hp TV Tuner.
    5. Easily transfer your Audio Recordings onto your laptop or home computer's hard drive.
    6. Use the Advanced Programming features to schedule recordings of TV shows, for playback later at home or while on the go. Schedule a recording before going to bed, then get up in the morning and watch your favorite show during your commute or at your lunch-hour. Note: Use of the TV Tuner does Not require anything but the same type of antenna or cable connection as your standard home TV; however, to use the advanced scheduling features a high speed internet connection is required.
    7. With The enclosed ear Buds, you can listen to the audio of your pre-recorded TV show on a plane, Bus, or Shuttle without bothering other commuters.



What's Included with This Kit:

  1. hp Dual TV Tuner
  2. RF Coaxial Splitter with splitter cables
  3. Composite RCA Cable
  4. S-Video Cable
  5. hp Remote Control
  6. hp FM Antenna
  7. Dual Tuner Power Supply
  8. IR Infrared Modem Blaster
  9. USB Connection Cord
  10. New set of hp Brand Ear Buds
  11. New hp Brand LCD Cleaning Cloth

If you're running Windows XP Media Center Edition then this device should plug-and-play. It will initially be seen as just a 'usb Device' . At that point, the buyer should go to hp's website (see link) and download the software for the device. I used the auto install feature. To finish installing the software, the PC may need to be re-booted, so please close all programs before starting process. Once the software is installed, if you reboot your PC again, the PC will see the 'usb Device' as a hp Dual Tuner and it will automatically install the drivers. Now the device will be ready for use, and you can enter The Media Center setting folder to do the final configuration of the unit. Then you can return to the main MCE menu, push the 'live TV', or Live Radio' button and start enjoying this device to it's fullest extent. Here's a link to the driver page in case you order and decide you need to use it too.




ANY laptop or notebook or home PC made by ANY manufacturer that is running Windows XP Media Center Edition, Vista Home Premium or Vista Home Ultimate will be able to use this Tuner!

This TV Tuner may be compatible with the Laptop and Notebook Models listed to the Right. The models to the right are likely to be running either Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, or Windows Vista Home Premium, or Windows Vista Home Ultimate.

This tuner is not compatible with any models running earlier versions of Windows XP or with any other operating systems.


  • Presario V3000
  • Presario V3100
  • Presario V3200
  • Presario V3300
  • Presario V3400
  • Presario V6000
  • Presario V6100
  • Presario V6200
  • Presario V6300
  • Presario V6400
  • Presario V6500
  • Presario V6600
  • Presario V6700



  • Pavilion DV2000
  • Pavilion DV2100
  • Pavilion DV2300
  • Pavilion DV2400
  • Pavilion DV2500
  • Pavilion DV2600
  • Pavilion DV5000
  • Pavilion DV5100
  • Pavilion DV5200
  • Pavilion DV5300
  • Pavilion DV5400
  • Pavilion DV6000
  • Pavilion DV6100
  • Pavilion DV6200
  • Pavilion DV6300
  • Pavilion DV6400
  • Pavilion DV6500
  • Pavilion DV6600
  • Pavilion DV6700
  • Pavilion DV8000
  • Pavilion DV8100
  • Pavilion DV8200
  • Pavilion DV8300
  • Pavilion DV9000
  • Pavilion DV9100
  • Pavilion DV9200
  • Pavilion DV9300
  • Pavilion DV9400
  • Pavilion DV9500
  • Pavilion DV9600
  • Pavilion DV9700


  • 3000-V1000
  • 3000-V2000
  • 3000-N2000
  • ThinkPad R52
  • ThinkPad R60
  • ThinkPad R60e
  • ThinkPad R60i
  • ThinkPad R61
  • ThinkPad R61e
  • ThinkPad R61i
  • ThinkPad T43
  • ThinkPad T60
  • ThinkPad T60p
  • ThinkPad T61
  • ThinkPad T61p
  • ThinkPad Z60
  • ThinkPad Z60m
  • ThinkPad Z61
  • ThinkPad Z61m




  • Inspiron B120
  • Inspiron B130
  • Inspiron 1300
  • Inspiron 6400
  • Inspiron 9400
  • Inspiron 630m
  • Inspiron 640m
  • Inspiron E1405
  • Inspiron E1505
  • Inspiron E1705
  • Latitude D620
  • Latitude D820
  • Precision M20
  • Precision M90



  • LifeBook V1010
  • LifeBook V6220
  • LifeBook V6420
  • LifeBook V6460
  • LifeBook E8020
  • Esprimo V5505
  • And Many More


  • P1 Series
  • S1 Series
  • GSA Series XNote R405
  • XNote R700-x
  • LW60
  • & Many More


  • VGN-AR Series
  • VGN-AR350E
  • VGN-AR550U
  • VGN-SZ Series
  • VGN-TZ series
  • Vaio NR21J/S
  • And Many More

Additional Product Information:

hp Recommends that any device running the TV Tuner should preferrably have at least 1GB of memory. This NTSC tuner will pick up and display digital signals that come from you cable TV Providor or an antenna.

The tuners we sell were aquired from hp after being returned by customers who had defective hp laptops and notebooks. We sell only perfect working TV Tuners that pass our through testing and inspection regime.


  • ToughBook CF19
  • Toughbook CF30
  • ToughBook CF52
  • And More


  • Versa S3300
  • and more



  • A105 Series
  • A205 Series
  • A215 Series
  • P105 Series
  • P205 Series
  • U305 Series
  • Portege R500
  • Qosmio F45 Series
  • And More
  • ML3109 and all Later models like M6816



  • 2200 Series
  • 2300 Series
  • AV7160
  • AV7170
  • And many more


  • U6 Series
  • VX1 Series
  • And Many More


  • AS5520 Series
  • AS5590 Series
  • AS9810 Series
  • 4315 Series
  • 4720 Series
  • And Many More


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****Please add 7.75% tax ($3.25) if having product shipped to a California destination. If payment is made thru Paypal, the tax will automatically be added to the total if your order is being shipped to a California location. If the tuner is being shipped to an address outside of California, no tax will be charged. However, If the address linked to your credit card is a California address, I still have to cahrge tax.

Purchase Price: $89.99 (plus Shipping and Plus Tax only if the item is to be shipped to a California address).

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United States Locations: $10.00 for priority mail with delivery confirmation, or 25.00 dollars for USPS overnight express delivery (not all locations are guaranteed one day delivery by USPS). Please call for cost & availability if you prefer either fedex or UPS.  

EU Countries: $20.00 for Global Priority Mail via USPS.

All Other Countries: Buyer pays the actual USPS Air Mail rate plus 3 dollars handling charge.



Warranty, Return Policy:

All Adapters and other parts sold by GetAdapters are guaranteed to arrive in proper working order; therefore, if any adapter or other part is damaged in transit or otherwise arrives in non-operating condition, the part in question may be retruned to Getadapters at the address listed in the Payment section of this page, and GetAdapters will replace it. Buyer is responsible for return shipping charges (to send adapter back to GetAdapters), while GetAdapters agrees to pay for the shipping charges to return a proper working replacement to the buyer. Any part returned must be original part sent with same serial number and not a substitute.




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